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Pelvic floor muscles is a group of scelletton muscles, reminding hammock with many functions:

- Supporting abdominal viscera and small pelvis (uterus, bladder, rectum)

- Limmiting the spread of pressure increase under the stomach

- Control of a final parts of digestive and reproductive system and also urinary tract (holding urine, process of a stool and gases incontinence)

- Complicity in the process of excreation through loosening

- Sexual functions

- Childbirth

Working with our body muscles, need to generate strong enough contractions, characterized by loosening. Weak muscles will not keep organs of abdominal cavity bladder and bowel contents, but to strong tension leads, and if the tension leads are to strong, it might bring difficulties with defecation and sex. It is also important, that intensive work of the muscles leads to their weakness.

For the diagnostics and learning of pelvic floor muscle activation, and for electromyography (EMG) we use the Stella BIO device- allowing to determine the size and nature of pathological changes in the muscles, as well as to determine the dynamics of the treatment process.

Recommended for:

*learning and making sure about appropriate activity of pelvic floor muscles

*loosing urine during excercises, cough, lifting

*stool and gases incontinence

*feeling of a constant urge to urinate

*pain in a lumbar section

*painfull sex, applying the tampon

*difficults in a defecation or emptying the bladder.


Treatment available also as part of the package Individual Therapy. 

Diagnostics price: 50 zł + 100 zł for an electrode (reusable). 

Every next training costs only 100 zł.

For your convenience, we have launched a special phone number for the physiotherapist Agata Iwanetzka, who conducts trainings and provides all information: Tel. 790 565 801.

Treatment duration: 30 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

60,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

70,00 PLN