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About us

The mission of the SAN Medical Spa is to enhance the health status of our guests. We employ a team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists working together to provide advanced health treatments to improve the quality of life of our guests. Our Treatment Centre is well-equipped and offers many various medical treatments.

 San Medical Spa got entry in the register Spa treatment plants in Health Resort Kołobrzeg on the 19th January 1973r., released by City Council Presidium National in Kołobrzeg.

Rehabilitation and biological renewal based on natural resources found in Kolobrzeg: mud peat, brine and iodine; takes on another dimension here.

Staying with us, you can simply relax choosing Hotel SAN option. You are welcome to explore relaxation and beauty treatments offered by our Beauty Salon or regenerate your body participating in unforgettable slimming holidays based on Dr. Bardadyn diet. You can combine our services by selecting the most suitable options for you.


But most of all, rest assured that your time spent in beautiful Kolobrzeg, under the attentive care of our team, will recharge your batteries with a new positive energy. Consequently when you get home, back to your everyday life you will become better, healthier and happier person.