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San Health SPA offers 136 rooms which can accommodate 288 guests. Most rooms are standard double rooms (also available for single occupancy. We also have 3 standard single rooms, 4 studio apartments (2 double rooms, bathroom) ideal for families; and 3 higher standard apartments (living room, bedroom, 2 TV sets).

Building B has 8 floors (Baltic Sea view available from the top 2 floors) and 2 elevators. Building C has 2 floors and no elevator but it is located closer to the beach. Both buildings are connected by a passageway.

Each room is equipped with a TV, radio, electric kettle, mini set of plates and cutleries and a telephone with its own number for outcoming and incoming calls. Each room has a balcony.
All rooms are non-smoking. We do not allow pets. 

Double Room San B

Double Room San C