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I. Booking stay, special offers

II. Treatment base

III. Meals

IV. Terms Facility

V. Information about personal data - data security policy




I. Booking stay

1. The reservation is deemed to have been made after paying 30% down payment for the stay on account Sanatorium San within the deadline specified in the booking confirmation.

2. Lack of payment within a specified time, means automatically cancelled reservation.

3. In case of cancellation of up to 30 days before the date of commencement of stay is returned entire deposit.

  In case of cancellation in less than 5 days to start booking deposit is not refundable.

4. It is possible to  booka a stay with an 13 Months advance before the stay, with a guarantee a booking day price. Above 13 Months, a preliminary reservation will be taken, but the Term to prepaid for an reservation, we propose 12 Months before stay, so You can confirm already booked stay with an advance. 

5. Sanatorium San reserves the right to cancel the booking for technical reasons to the day of arrival. In this case, return the advance and return travel costs unless the appeal was staying in the guest on arrival and could not be accommodated in another building on the same terms.

6. In the case described in point. 4 San Sanatorium we strive to find alternative accommodation in another building in agreement with the guest.

7. Failure to use the whole stay as booked due to early exit Sanatorium (for whatever reason) will be charged 100% of the service ordered by the originally booked and confirmed the date and time as well as money and kind of stay.

8. The failure by the whole stay will be as a result of a later arrival than what a book does not result in a reduction in the price for the ordered service.

9. Failure to will be in the sanatorium until 10.30 am the next day (arrival on the second day) is tantamount to resignation from the stay if Guest previously

 not informed of the fact that the reception later arrival. In this case the payment is paid when the reservation is not returned.

10. Payments remaining part of the fee for the stay guests make directly for accommodation in Sanatorium on arrival.

11. On arrival, before accommodation, please fill out the card showing at the Registeration clerk identification.

12.  We give a possibility of changing Your reservation date, for another term, so Guest don`t  loose an advance, paid for an reservation. But if Guest are gonna cancell the second term- reservation, the advance is not refundable (Regulations point 3).


II. Terms of Service Base of Interventional and Beauty Studio in Sanatorium San Sp. o.o. located in Kolobrzeg

1. SAN SANATORIUM Limited Liability Company based in Kolobrzeg (hereafter: SANATORIUM) offers services in the field of health and rehabilitation services, provided under the Base Operative (hereinafter BZ) and services for beauty treatments and spa within the Cabinet Beauty (hereafter: GU), extracted as a section of the Base Operative.

 2. Treatment Base and Beauty Studio offer services (treatments):

 • persons accommodated and entitled to a sanatorium to sanatorium for full price (the guests Sanatorium)

 • persons accommodated and entitled to a sanatorium Sanatorium through referrals by the National Health Fund (hereinafter: the patients)

 • persons who are not guests of the Sanatorium (the customers)

3. Treatment Base and Beauty Studio for patients can be provided only on the order of a physician or medical consultation, authorizing the execution of a procedure for the bather.

Treatment Base and Beauty Studio for spa guests or customers can be made on the order of a physician or medical consultation, authorizing the execution of a treatment for spa guests or the customer, as well as without consulting a doctor, but then after the statements by spa guests or customer of aware of the use of treatment services. The model declaration constitutes Appendix 1 hereto.

 If you are planning surgery is required to refuse to sell / services orders in the case, in which:

• medical records will SANATORIUM or the customer will contain a clear contraindication to perform the surgery or external evaluation health or well-being spa guests, spa guests or client, will justify the assumption that the execution of the procedure may cause injury.

The person performing the procedure has the right and duty to refuse to perform services in a case in which:

• external evaluation health or well-being spa guests, spa guests or client, made by the person performing the procedure immediately prior to surgery, will justify the assumption that the execution of the procedure may result in injury or threat to health or life. In this case, the client asks money for unperformed, and paid in addition to the package, the service.

The refusal of application person performing the procedure is obliged to immediately notify the Base Manager of Interventional and the doctor Sanatorium through the nurse on duty.

4. Guests SANATORIUM, Spa guests and customers can benefit from treatments Treatment Base and Beauty Studio also provided outside of the package or reserved for making separate payments according to the current pricelist. In the case referred to in the first sentence, the relevant provisions are applicable 3.

5. The card of the treatment are entered only pre paid treatments. It is not possible to order treatments while staying at Sanatorium without paying in advance. Procedures ordered in the mode of point 10 below must be paid with the issuing of a treatment card before the first treatment.

Cancellation of paid treatments and a refund is possible until the day before surgery 15.00.

6. Terms of use of the sauna is posted in the sauna. Each user is required to read it. Sauna is mixed male - male, it is recommended to use the naked body wrap in dry towel. Limit of one session is 6, so the entrance to the sauna is only possible after the plan even when it is free of charge.

7. Full regulations for the use of the swimming pool is posted on the pool before entering. Each user is required to read it.

At the pool are valid caps pool. In the area around the pool and locker rooms should walk in flip-flops rubber because of the danger of falling on slippery surfaces.Children can only use the pool with an adult supervisor. 

8. The participant of slimming vacations Dr. Bardadyn acknowledges that during the initial consultations, the schedule of classes may be cut down for health reasons and this does not change the price for the package.

9. The participant of the Healthy Spine Academy acknowledges that during the initial consultations, the program of activities may be trimmed for health reasons and this does not change the price for the package.

10. There is an oportunity to order a treatments by Guests before arrival to Sanatorium San. In this case Guests will need to sign an Statement (Regret No.1) before accession the treatments. It is possible to consult Your choice with a doctor, so You need to book a medical consultation, which is extra paid, because it is not entitled to get free medical consultate, next to already booked treatment.

11. A person using diagnostic equipment Zebris and Bia-Corpus, if he wants its data to be stored in San's information system for future analyzes and comparisons related only to the examined person, must sign a relevant statement for this purpose, constituting Annex 2 to of these Regulations.


Regret. No. 1- declaration model:



I declare that:

1) I read the contents of the "Regulations of Service Base of Interventional and the Beauty Studio SANATORIUM SAN limited liability company based in Kołobrzeg" (Regulations)

2) the state of my health allows you to take advantage of some of these treatments I have not received medical contraindications with respect to use of these treatments,

3) I acknowledge that, in the cases specified in the Regulations, person performing the treatment may refuse to execute it.

4) Consciously giving up paid medical examination related to the requested service.

5) I agree to archive this declaration by the Nursing home for the period of storing medical records, i.e. 20 years.


 Legible signature

(name & surname)



Regret. No. 2- declaration model:



I declare that in connection with submitting to the analytical examination on the device

(delete as applicable) ZEBRIS / BIA CORPUS, I agree to leave my data in the computer system of the device until I request deletion of such data.

This data may only be used for my own purposes in the event that a further examination is carried out to compare the data. I agree to this declaration being archived by the Nursing home for a period of time, i.e. 20 years, during which medical records are kept. 


Legible signature

(name & surname)



III. Meals

1. The number and type of meals is specified in the price list on any kind of stay.

2. If you do not make use of all or part of meals is not asking for no money.

3. purchased your stay you can buy meals for the price:

 • clients staying at the sanatorium

(Dinner - 25, -PLN, dinner - 25, -PLN)

 • outsiders

(Catering standard - Breakfast - 35, -PLN, lunch - 35, -PLN, dinner - 35, -PLN

Christmas meals - breakfast - 60, -PLN, lunch - 60, -PLN, dinner - 60, -PLN)

4. Meals can be ordered until a 12.00 am, the day before or on the date on availability.

5. You can not be eating in the dining room. Individual cases should be reported to senior waiter.

6. You can order packed lunches in place of a meal. This need should be reported at the reception or older waiter the day before 12.00.

7. Sanatorium San doesn`t give any offer to choose some individuel diets, exclude a vegetarian one.

8. Please  report Your choise of vegetarian diet at least 1 day before arrival. At breakfast and supper time You will find some meet free products on a buffet, and for a dinner You will have a special prepared meal from our team.  Obviously, You are allowed to get some condiments from the buffet.


IV. Terms object

1. Silence night valid from 22:00 to 06:00.

2. After leaving the room, make sure that room is locked.

3. Visitors to our guests should leave the rooms before 22:00.

4. Do not move the equipment room without notifying the Maids or reception.

5. The room did not use electric heaters, radiators - because of fire safety.

6. Towel use located on the balcony dryers.

7. For aesthetic reasons, please do not hang strings of laundry on balconies.

8. Check-in from 16:00 to 10:00 the next day, or during the individually agreed in your booking. If the Guest, without consulting the reception, keeps the room after 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure, it will be treated as an unauthorized prolongation of the check-in time and is subject to a fee of 100 PLN per each hour spent. 

9. In this non-smoking. In case of breach of the prohibition of smoking in the room will be fined 500,00 PLN.

10. San Sanatorium is not liable for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest, which was left in a public parking lot in front of the facility or on the premises. San parking is paid but not guarded. There are 21 paid parking places in our facility. It is an unguarded car park.

12. Guest is financially responsible for the damage, destruction or deficiencies in the equipment room.

13. The lost key fee is PLN 50.00

14. Valuables should be deposited in the safe at the reception.

15. Carrying blankets the rooms on the beach is prohibited.

16. Please do not taking out the dishes and cutlery from the dining area to the rooms.

17. In this non-presence of animals.

12. Rooms cleaning during 3 workdays : Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    - Towels changing - 2 times per Week

    - Bedding changing - 1`ce per Week

There is an oportunity to hire a dressing- bowl- 20,00 pLN/ per stay,

during the summer holiday- also sunbeds & screens - 10, 00 pln/ per stay.



V.  Information about personal data – data security policy

1. The administrator of personal data of a Guest is Sanatorium San sp. z o.o. ul. Kasprowicza 17, 78-100 Kołobrzeg, further called “San”.

2. A Guest’s personal data are processed based on the contract for providing services concluded between a Guest and the Hotel according to the reservation. The purpose of processing of personal data is providing ordered services and meeting tax obligations, connected with storing medical documentation, as well as with justified interest of San. San receives the guests’ personal data from the guests.

3. Moreover, a Guest’s personal data are processed by monitoring video used at San. The purpose of using monitoring video is the protection of a Guest and other persons staying in the facility of San. The period of storing the data from monitoring is 7 days. Rules for the access to monitoring data are specified in instruction no. available at a guest’s request.

4. San stores the received personal data for an indefinite period of time. At a guest’s request San will delete the guest’s data given in registration form voluntarily, whereas immediately the obligatory data after the expiry of terms described in item 5.

5. The legal basis for processing the remaining personal data such as name, surname and address is justified interest of San (Art. 6, item 1, letter f GDPR) connected with claims’ period of prescription for hotel service, which is          2 years. Proving personal data in case of a stay not exceeding 1 day is a contractual requirement conditioning the concluding of a contract. A Guest staying in San for more than 2 days is additionally subject to the provisions on visitor’s tax, on the basis of which San stores his/her data for 6 years. The similar situation is in case of issuing an invoice. We give the information about the country of permanent stay in an anonymous form to Polish Central Statistical Office. We store medical data based on provisions on medical documentation for 20 years.

6. San assessed the level of protection of guests’ personal data and it assures that technical and information technology solutions that are used fully protect these personal data. 

7. San informs that each Guest has the right to access his/her personal data and to correct and update them. Each Guest has also the right to transfer the data, to raise an objection regarding the processing and to delete personal data, if there are legal grounds for so doing or to demand the limitation of processing. In order to do so one has to send an application to sekretariat@san.pl or by traditional post at the address of San’s main office.

8. The hotel informs that a Guest’s personal data are given to the following categories of recipients who process these data on our behalf and only on the territory of European Economic Area.

a) Accounting companies cooperating with the Hotel without the right to pass the data further.

b) Law firms cooperating with the Hotel in the event when San advances a claim against a guest, without the right to pass the data further.

c) Insurance companies cooperating with the Hotel in the event when a Guest advances a claim against San.

d) Information technology companies and companies providing support and management of IT infrastructure of the Hotel for archiving purposes without the right to pass the data further.

e)  Courier and postal companies in order to send the reservation confirmation by traditional post.

9. The hotel informs about the right to present a claim to supervisory body that supervises the way in which personal data are being processed.

10. In case of booking the accommodation in San through a travel agency or through booking portal, personal data of a guest including name, surname and address, San received from the agency or a portal on the day of placing        a reservation.

11. E-mail addresses and other data obtained in the course of reservation are processed only for the purposes of booking process.

12. If you pay through a bank or payment institution, we will acquire the information from which bank account and in which institution You made the payment. We will be storing these data in order to check the correctness of payment in case of the need to make returns.

13. San does not profile the data of its guests, nor does it give it to anyone, except for the cases described in item 8. San makes anonymous comparative lists, analyses and statistics for its own purposes and for the purposes of Polish Central Statistical Office.

 14. By continuing to browse the site www.san.pl you agree to the use of cookies. By changing the settings of your web browser, you can agree to save them or block them. Remember that you have the option of managing "cookies" yourself. Internet browsers are available.

VI. Regulations for health and safety at San Medical Spa.

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform you that we are a safe facility and prepared to welcome you.

Adherence to the following rules will ensure our mutual safety and a pleasant stay.

1. we ask people who feel unwell or have a reasonable suspicion that they may be carrying the Covid -19 virus not to come to San Medical Spa. Prior to your arrival you will be contacted by telephone to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire about your health status.

Until further notice, the prerequisite for commencement of inpatient stay in the spa is:

a negative result of a diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 from material taken no earlier than 4 days before the date of commencement of the stay

vaccination of the person using services in the SHU against COVID-19 (a full course of vaccination confirmed by a certificate is required)

or a documented case of SARS-CoV-2 infection within 180 days before the date of commencement of stay in the ZLU (hospital discharge or medical certificate required). 

2. You should wear a mask and disinfect your hands at the entrance and keep a distance of 2 metres from other guests.

3. if there is a queue at the reception, we will offer a fast check-in.

4. you are invited to the dining room with your residence card at the designated time, necessarily wearing a mask. It is necessary to disinfect your hands before entering. The staff will indicate the table.

5. there is a limit of 14 people in the pool and 1 in the jacuzzi. You have to take a shower before the pool and come to the pool without using the changing rooms and showers on site. You will leave your personal belongings in the pool hall. In the pool, please keep a distance of min. 1.5 m from the other person. 6.

6 The sauna complex can accommodate up to 3 strangers or residents of one room or family or friends travelling together - no limit. The sauna room is by reservation.

7. the fitness room can accommodate up to 3 strangers or residents of a single room or a family or friends travelling together - no limit. The fitness room is subject to reservation.

8. we set the limit in the lift to 1 person or more if they are residents of one room or family or friends travelling together. You are not allowed to sit down when the lift has a passenger.

9. people who will be using the treatment base must come to the base and remain in their masks. At the entrance to the base, the temperature is measured, those with a temperature above 38 degrees will be sent to a room and wait for further instructions.

(10) Rooms are cleaned on request during your stay, there is information about this in the room.

11) Please arrive for medical consultation and treatment wearing a mask and only at the designated time.

(12) Rooms will be disinfected before the arrival of a new guest by means of the mist method, which will reach and disinfect every part of the room.

(13) Please do not return keys to reception during your stay.

14. if you feel unwell, please report it to the nurse on duty 24 hours a day.