Juni 2018


                                                             Kegel muscle training                                                                                   


We are pleased to inform you about the development of a new type of training by our team of physiotherapists: pelvic floor muscles exercises (the so-called Kegel).


Are you planning a pregnancy? Did you give birth to a child? Do you want to feel more satisfaction from sex? Is the menopause approaching? If so, Stella BIO exercises are just for you.


Exercise of the pelvic floor muscles is aimed at preventing, treating and counteracting the effects of too weak "Kegel muscles", such as: urinary incontinence, lowering abdominal organs, back pain and erectile dysfunction.


Detailed description & visualisation of Kegel muscle training


The therapy program at the Nursing Home SAN Medical SPA is arranged individually and is addressed to both women and men. It can be one workout or a stay package as part of individual therapy.


For the diagnostics and learning of pelvic floor muscle activation, we use the Stella BIO apparatus- a device for electromyography (EMG), allowing to determine the size and nature of pathological changes in the muscles, as well as to determine the dynamics of the treatment process. 


Diagnostics 50 zł + 100 zł an electrode (reusable) 

Every next training costs 100 zł



For your convenience, we have launched a special phone number for the physiotherapist Agata Iwanetzka, who conducts trainings and provides all information: Tel. 790 565 801








Mai 2018


                                                                             CAR PARK                                                                                  



Dear Guests,


on the 30 Juni 2018 J. we are going to complete a cooperation with Car Park opposite a main entrance to our Sanatorium SAN, by Kasprowicza Street 17.


Management of Sanatorium SAN has already started to realising a project about arranging the land around the Sanatorium, so we could get our car park, with about 21 park places for use by our Guests.

Car park by SAN available at 4th of JUNI.


Because the quantity of park places is limited, it is necessary to make a reservation before arrive. 

Informations about a prices and booking available on the phone numbers :


  94 - 35 - 264 - 40

  94 - 35 - 264 - 41



We recommend aswell a free car park by AMPHITHEATER in Kołobrzeg by Kasprowicza Street and some of local car parks in area: 


* METEO Car Park- Kasprowicza Street 95/ 6

☎ 608- 331- 463


* MINIGOLF Car Park- Kasprowicza Street 13 

☎ 603- 911- 929


* Car Park by Hotel Diva Spa, Kościuszki Street 16

☎ 94- 353- 6000


* Konopnickiej Street (by der Post Office)

☎ 695- 176- 782


* Tarnowskiego 5 Street

☎ 881- 964- 111


* Park Auto 24 - Okopowa Street 9

☎ 502- 151- 987


* Car park by Hotel Solny Resort SPA

☎881- 964- 111


* Car park by Koszalińska Street

☎ 881- 964- 111


* By Parsęta 24h (przy PKS) - Kamienna Street 1

☎ 94- 354- 6495



Best regards,

                                                                                                                              Sanatorium SAN








April 2018


Ladies and Gentelman,

We would like to inform, that our phisiotherapists team finished new courses specialising in Manual Therapy methods, and we are happy to present their certificates.


Best regards

Wojciech Furmanek

General Direktor







Februar 2018


Zebris PDM Platform is made of a matrix containing even up to several thousand individually calibrated, capacitive force sensors enabling the analysis of forces under the feet during standing and walking. It enables computer diagnostics of feet and loading in static conditions (while standing) and dynamic (when bowling a foot or during the cycle of a walk). We perform an objective test with the use of sensomotoric sensor, aided by computer techniques.

The application in the processes:
a. The analysis of the walk and running after injuries, neurological problems (paralyses, pareses) and after operative procedures that influence the dysfunction of movement apparatus (e.g. mastectomy, spine or hallux operations), including the assessment of the risk of falls,
b. Measurements of the scope of the movement of joints, the functionality of muscles,
c. Monitoring of the correctness of using orthopedic equipment (prostheses, individual inserts, etc.)
d. Objective analysis of the progress in rehabilitation.


WATCH MOVIE 1                                       WATCH MOVIE 2


February 2018


We have bought 4 exercise bicycles to our Gym!!!

We invite You for a training in Sanatorium San :)










September 2017


Sanatorium SAN is inviting to try a new treatment, available in our offer!!


BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS with use of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).


Changes in body weight can be caused by fluctuations in the amount of water, fat or muscle tissue – therefore proper weight loss programmes require individual analysis of body composition.

For years bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) has been a recognizable, quick and easy and completely non-invasive method for body composition analysis. Over a short time and with little effort we obtain credible data about our patient. Modern nutritional medicine is not limited to assessing the patient’s condition by body weight, but applies body composition analysis.


Our machine allows for testing:

● Fat tissue weight (A)

● Non-fat tissue weight (B) with

● cellural mass (BCM)

● Amount of water in the system (TBW)

● Distribution of cellular and extracellural water (C)





August 2017


PRECOR is a new technologie specializing in aerobe machines. We are glad to inform, that it`s to our Guests dispose in our Gym so You can try, how it works!!! 






Juni 2017


We are inviting you to visit our Youtube Page we have already created: :)

                                   FIND us                              VIDEO "Sanatorium SAN"





Juli 2017

Holiday Check 2017 Recomendation 






June 2016


We are inviting You to book our new offer, which is an Individual Therapy available in Sanatorium San.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY - this package is designed for the most demanding patients who are aware of their needs. If you feel that you need an absolutely individual approach to your problems with the locomotor system, then this offer is right for you. Our team of specialists: dr Marek Pelc, medical rehabilitation specialist, Robert Kot, MSc, Mateusz Kubisz, MSc, and Mariusz Glimasiński, MSc, are at your disposal. This program is different from others in that during the whole stay, 2 therapist take care of you, each one for an hour per day, the same for the whole stay, cooperating with each other. The program is developed by a specialist doctor individually for a patient, on the day of arrival during the first consultation (Saturday).



                                          WATCH VIDEO                   CHECK  PRICELIST


Within the package our guest receives:

- accommodation - meals (breakfasts and suppers – smorgasbord, dinners – served or diet by Dr Bardadyn for an additional charge of PLN 60.00/week)

- medical consultation 1 x a week

- 5 manual therapy sessions a week (up to 1 h)

- 5 personal trainings a week (up to 1 h) at the physiotherapy gym or in the swimming pool

- 2 treatments a day on working days (during the 7-day long stay)

- 3 treatments a day on working days (during the 14-day long stay)

- sauna

- swimming pool* and fitness gym  


We wish You a good holiday!!! 







Juli 2016

In our offer You can find riding a tandem bike with an instructor.


Price  : 35 PLN / h. 







March 2015

Paulina Szarejko interviews Wojciech Furmanek, the Director of the Sanatorium.




Sir, is it worth coming to the San Sanatorium?

I think our Sanatorium is in many ways unique. Its greatest hallmark in my opinion is that it is very favourable for our guests in terms of offering value for money and diversity, an advantage I see over the other spa sanatoriums.

How is it possible to reach these goals?

In our strategy we have adopted a principle of offering good quality at a decent and affordable price. In practice, this means that we do not aspire to provide luxuriously equipped rooms as that seen in five-star hotels, but our main emphasis has been focused on the medical aspect, on which we do not compromise. As a result, our guests receive an optimal offer, paying only for the treatment, which does not mean that we do not care about other areas related to their stay with us.

What do you consider as the main advantage of San Sanatorium?

I am particularly proud of our team who enjoy their work, and at the same time they are a team of true professionals. Our specialised programmes such as Dr. Bardadyn’s diet, the Academy of Healthy Spine, personal training and manual therapy, is our showpiece and will be continuously developed.

Do you believe in the effects of balneology treatments?

I do not believe it because I do not have to. The therapeutic mud and brine of Kolobrzeg were scientifically proven to be effective, a long time ago. Anyway, I use the treatments myself despite my relatively young age. Since I run ultra-marathons, tracks over a hundred kilometres long, I am a frequent visitor to our practice of manual therapy where our specialists literally put me on my feet. I broke my spine in a bicycle accident and I regularly have it treated in our San Sanatorium. I am very lucky that I work here.

Does that mean your offer is not only addressed to the elderly?

Well, my 16-year-old daughter and wife love coming here. Moreover, we help numerous clerks in our Academy of Healthy Spine. Indeed, with age our customers’ interest is growing and at the same time the awareness is increasing because it is better to spend time in pro-health spa than fruitlessly somewhere in the tropics.

Thank you for the interview, sir.






Januar 2015


Having a personal trainer offers many benefits. Each personal training session is tailored to your individual needs, abilities, physical condition, health status and well-being. 100% of your training time is devoted to achieving your individual training goals. 

Price: 100 PLN/hour









JUNE 2012

We would like to inform, that in our team, we have a cosmetician!!




19th January 1973

Sanatorium San got entry in the register Spa treatment plants in Health Resort Kołobrzeg on the 19th January 1973r., released by City Council Presidium National in Kołobrzeg.



We are inviting you to watch the video about Sanatorium SAN

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