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Personal therapeutic training is an offer for demanding, expecting an individual approach people. Physiotherapist during a therapeutic session choose an excercises considering a special needs and opportunities of clients.

Personal training is an ideal choise for a patients diagnostic with pain, limitations of movement or another posttraumatic conditions, or for those, who want to get better efficiency of their organisms, f.e. playing sports.

During a training, physiotherapist is using many techniques of rehabilitation, depending of their needs.

CORE STABILITY is based on a general stability and excercises of deep muscles corset. Core stability engage the central part of a body: all muscles stabilizing a pelvis and supporting correct body stand.

Regular practising core stability support a rehabilitation, increases strength and improve a operationality. These excercises are more popular, by finding an application in every sport areas, and also- in a normal, regular life. Core stability can prevent an injuries. There is no age limit for people, who want to try this training and it is recommended for those, who work in the office, spending whole day by desk (it efficient deep muscles, decrease the risk of pain in a linear stage, preventing acts).


During excercises with a certificated trainer, a client learn how to unlock a tension of muscles. A trainer teached how to roll our body in a proper way, what`s in effect- improve the body condition.


  • fractures
  • burns
  • disruption of the skin
  • visible varicose veins
  • bruises

Treatment duration: do 60 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

120,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

140,00 PLN