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Mc Kenzie therapy + diagnosis

It is a specialized method of treating the spine, peripheral joints and limbs. The patient's therapeutic program is prepared on the basis of a detailed interview and a number of functional tests, allowing to find out the cause of the ailments. The aim of the therapy is to use manual techniques (specific exercises) carefully selected by the therapist to reverse mechanical changes in the spine or other joints that cause pain. An indispensable element of the therapy is also a preventive action, consisting in making the patient aware of the causes of his ailments and learning behaviors to avoid pain in the future.

Recommended for:

  • Discopathies
  • Back pain syndromes
  • Radical adhesions
  • Post-traumatic conditions: e.g. whip trauma in the cervical region
  • Pain in the joints of the extremities
  • Headaches and migraines

Treatment duration: 60 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

120,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

140,00 PLN