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Manual therapy

I. Soft tissue techniques include:

1. Muscle energy technique is a combination of different techniques that originated from the orthopaedic, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic methods. It involves active participation by the patient to eliminate soft tissue disorders:

a) post isometric muscle relaxation - relaxation of hypertonic muscles, joint mobilization and preparation for manipulation

2. Musculofascial relaxation technique improves the internal mobility of the soft tissues, particularly the fascia.

3. Active relaxation technique removes irregularities within the soft tissue, such as adhesions and contractions. This technique combined with Myofascial release technique or Muscle energy Technique is extremely effective.

II. Traction (stretching) is based on increasing the distance between articular surfaces to reduce joint compression and alleviate pain

III. Mobilization is relying on passive or active exercise of certain joint movements in order to target locked joints and reduce pain

IV. Manipulation techniques arequick movements that occur beyond the available joint play range. The purpose of manipulations, or joint thrusts, is to increase the available range if it is not full. Secondly, manipulations are done to break adhesions that disrupt joint movement.


manual therapy removes the identified disorders and related pain through the use of targeted manual techniques.

Recommended for:

for people who suffer and want to avoid invasive medical surgery, for those who feel pain.

Treatment duration: do 30 min.

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