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Super Inductive Stimulation

SIS - Super inductive stimulation is a technology that uses a unique high intensity electromagnetic field. Obtained depolarization of nerve-muscle tissue during therapy, causes muscle spasms in the treatment area, which have a beneficial effect on human tissue.

The "SIS" therapy leads to immediate pain relief, both in acute and chronic pain. It mobilizes joints, accelerates healing (e.g. fractures), relaxes or strengthens muscles.

The way it is done:

The treatment lasts from 6 to 13 minutes. Suggested number of treatments in series per 1 area is 5 to 10, daily or 2-3 times a week. There should be a 4 to 6 week break between series. During the treatment, the patient feels delicate tingling or vibrations, as well as muscle spasms.

The effects are felt already after the first treatment.

Recommended for:

- painful shoulder syndrome,

- Carpal tunnel syndrome,


- nerve and muscle regeneration,

- mobilization of joints, strengthening of muscle power,

- prevention of muscle atrophy,

- intervertebral disc hernia,

- fractures,

- Jumper's knee,

- entesopathies, e.g. tennis player's elbow, golfer's elbow,

- Pain management (acute, subacute, chronic),

- muscle stimulation,

- tendonitis, tracheitis,

- twist,

- Trigger point therapy,

- reduction in spasticity, e.g. after a stroke.


- electronic and metal implants,

- pacemaker,

- cardiovascular disease, heart disease

- epilepsy

- the drug pumps,

- cancer,

- infections and fever,

- pregnancy,

- infinite bone growth in children and young people.

Treatments are not performed in the head and heart area!

Treatment duration: 6-13 min.

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