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Dry needling (DN) is a physiotherapeutic method that involves puncturing a trigger point in a muscle or pricking a tight muscle band using sterile, disposable acupuncture needles to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions within the musculoskeletal system. Although acupuncture needles are used during dry needling, this therapy has nothing to do with the classical form of acupuncture.

During a dry needling treatment, the physiotherapist acts on the neuromuscular plate, stimulating the body's muscle cells to regenerate and remodel. As a result, this leads to a reduction in muscle tension and the reduction and cessation of pain.

Dry needling is a very effective method of treating musculoskeletal pain. It can be combined with other physiotherapeutic methods such as manual therapy and deep tissue massage to manage chronic and acute pain.

Dry needling therapy is used for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction of various origins.


- reduces pain,

- eliminates muscle stiffness,

- improves muscle flexibility,

- increases joint mobility,

- improves metabolism - reduces the activity of muscle-fascial trigger points.

Recommended for:

- For the treatment of muscle-fascial trigger points,

- tendinopathy (tendon diseases),

- pain originating from scar tissue,

- high muscle tension,

- headaches,

- painful shoulder syndrome,

- rotator cone overload,

- tennis elbow,

- golfer's elbow,

- pain in the patellofemoral joint,

- runner's knee (jumper's knee),

- hip pain and strain from sporting activities.

Treatment time up to 30 minutes


- needlefish, 

- cancer, 

- infection with or without fever, 

- skin lesions and open wounds, 

- severe atherosclerosis, 

- aneurysms, 

- sensory disturbances, 

- advanced osteoporosis, 

- bruising, swelling, 

- implants, 

- pacemakers, 

- Patients with blood coagulation disorders - only with the consent of the attending physician, 

- pregnancy in the first trimester, afterwards only with the consent of the attending physician, 

- epilepsy, if untreated, 

- infectious diseases 

Treatment duration: do 30 min.

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