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Nordic walking

This is a modern method of motor reaction which involves marching with the use of rhythmic and natural arm performance. Marching is done in the open air, and the patients follow their instructor, who checks if the movements are performed in the correct manner as the group marches on. Special poles are used for this kind of exercise; they slightly resemble the poles which are used by skiers. The influence of the Nordic walking method on the human body is similar to the influence of motor exercises described above. It is a very attractive and effective method of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the whole body.

Nordic walking is probably the only kind of physical recreation, which can be exercised by any person, regardless of their age and health condition.

In the 1970s, competitive biathlonists created the modern Nordic walking, as it was supported by comprehensive scientific research. It was created in co-operation with trainers, physiologists and physicians, who established the system of  pre-season training, which involves just walking, running and jumping while holding poles in hands. It quickly turned out that even a regular walk with "supports" proved to be a successful rehabilitation method for sportsmen who sustained some injuries.

Nordic Walking activates as much as 90% of human muscle structure, relieving at the same time the knees and hips by one third, as compared to running or race walking.

Nordic walking poles are different from the poles used in skiing or in trekking;  these are fitted with shock absorbers, removable rubber tips, which are useful for different types of terrain, ergonomically shaped grips, as well as a combination of loops and straps, through which the hand is placed to grasp the grip.

The grip profile and its harness on Nordic walking poles enables dragging them, instead of carrying; this, in combination with propping yourself in appropriate  moments and skillful coordination of movements, affects our body in a salutary manner. While marching, we follow the rule diagonal movements; it means that we use the poles and move our legs alternatingly: i.e putting your left heel on the ground, and propping up yourself with the right pole and vice versa.

Nordic Walking, which brings joy and health regardless of the season of the year, is recommended for anyone who is looking for a simple way to actively and unconventionally spend time in the open air. Walking with poles may be done anywhere: - in the streets, roadsides, parks, on a sandy seaside beach or a mountain path. In order to master the technique, it is enough to walk merely 200m.

It has been proven that the movement in question positively affects the regeneration of the human bone system. It is often prescribed both to the athletes who sustained some injuries and to  anyone who suffers from the ailments of spine, elbows, knees, arms or hips. Patients who suffer from rheumatism, muscle pains or degenerative changes praise the method. It may also be effective in eliminating inflammatory conditions and metabolism.

The versatile effects of Nordic walking result from the fact that in the endurance training, and in the muscle exercise at the same time, this kind of activity is almost by half more effective than regular walking or running.

Danuta Straszyńska, Ph.D. from Warsaw (Science of Physical Culture), who is an ex-Olympic athlete of track-and-field, a Nordic walking enthusiast, and the author of scientific works in this field, claims:

“In my opinion, Nordic walking is best suited for both the healthy and the sick. Nowadays, spine and knee pains are widespread, so the recreation by Nordic Walking guarantees training which safe and easy for your health. Two years ago, my spine was broken and for 3 months I was immobilized. The rehabilitation that started afterwards was slow and difficult. It was only when I was in Austria, that I learnt about Nordic Walking and I started practising it myself, helping my convalescence go smoothly. Today, despite the fact that I'm retired, I do Nordic Walking three times a week and I returned to practising ... figure skating.

In the Institute of Rehabilitation and Sport for the Disabled at the University in Leipzig, patients with heart problems were researched in order to check whether Nordic Walking could be used as a therapeutic method. The result was positive. However, before anyone who suffers from cardiologic ailments starts practising it, they should consult it with their doctor”.


  • relieves and strengthens the spine;
  • facilitates muscle and joint performance in shoulder girdle;
  • increases movement range in joints of lower limbs;
  • effective fat burning;
  • improves blood supply heart performance;
  • improves peripheral circulation;
  • improves movement coordination;
  • increases general immunity of the body

Recommended for:

  • degenerative diseases of the spine;
  • limited joint mobility;
  • metabolism disorders; – obesity;
  • disorders of peripheral circulation;
  • stress and fatigue;

Treatment duration: 45 min.

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