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Deep tissue massage holistic

Deep tissue massage, also called deep massage, is a type of therapy that aims to restore the tissues (tension, elasticity), especially muscles, tendons and ligaments. The main work in this form of massage is based on the fascia.

The massage techniques are performed very slowly and precisely and allow for a physiological tissue response (muscle and fascial relaxation). Deep tissue massage can be applied to people of all ages. The massage therapist performs the movements with elbows, forearms and fingers), without exerting much pressure on the patient's body.

Deep tissue massage is extremely effective in states of chronic tension in various spheres. It is adapted individually to each patient, taking into account the disease entities reported to the rehabilitator before the massage during the interview.

Whole body deep tissue massage is particularly recommended for people who suffer from pain, stiffness and various dysfunctions located in different areas of the body (e.g. in the spine and lower or upper limbs).


- reduces pain,

- increases range of motion,

- improves blood circulation,

- relaxes muscles,

- improves posture,

- increases joint mobility,

- improves chest and lung function after infections, e.g. COVID.

Recommended for:

- chronic pain (e.g. myofascial pain),

- conditions after injuries (sprains, contusions, fractures) and operations,

- pain of emotional origin, e.g. caused by stress,

- mobility restrictions and pain in the joints (e.g. back stiffness),

- posture defects,

- learning the correct movement function,

- carpal tunnel syndrome,

- sciatica, femoral and shoulder pain,

- upper chest syndrome,

- painful shoulder syndrome,

- muscle spasms and tension,

- other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Treatment duration: 50 min.

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