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Underwater massage

This treatment involves applying a water stream which affects the tissues being massaged while the body is submerged in water. It is performed in a special bathtub.  Water pressure is adjusted and does not exceed 4 atm.; water temperature may vary between 38 and 420C.


  • enhances blood circulation;
  • relaxes tissues;
  • tones muscles and skin;          
  • increases movement range in joints;
  • enhances well-being;
  • decreases body weight;
  • increases general physical efficiency


Recommended for:

  • diseases of circulatory system;
  • bones and joints diseases;
  • muscle atrophy and myatonia;
  • paresis;
  • postpartum myatonia;
  • obesity;
  • rheumatic diseases;
  • neuralgia;
  • damage to peripheral nerves


Treatment duration: 10 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

35,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

45,00 PLN