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Anti-oedema comprehensive therapy

This massage therapy is the most effective in the treatment of lymphoedema, post-traumatic swelling, lipid abnormality and venous insufficiency. By directingpressure at the skin and muscle areas affected by oedema, the lymphatic system is activated during the process and the fluid drains away naturally. The activation of the lymph nodes is the key to getting the body to naturally drain away the excessive fluid accumulation that causes oedema.Massage therapy includes:

Manual lymphatic drainage

It involves employing the lymphatic system to drain fluids from the area affected by oedemas.

Generally, the massage is gentle and done in the direction of the heart.

Pressotherapy (bandaging)

It involves the use of pressure to the subdermal tissue, from the base of the limbs upwards towards the body resulting in: increased lymphatic drainage and venous return. Special compression bandages, wraps and cuffs are used.

Lymph taping

This method is used to augment the current oedema treatments such as manual lymphatic drainage and compression. It is based on taping the area of oedema with a special cotton fibre tape that activates the nerves and lymphatic pathways present in the body to improve lymph movement and decrease swelling.

Treatment duration: 60 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

120,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

148,00 PLN