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Kinesiotaping of one area*

The so-called dynamic taping Therapeutic method developed by Kenzo Kase, which consists in applying to the skin of the patient special patches whose properties are similar to the parameters of the skin (thickness and flexibility). Poses are determined methodically on the given structures of a given disease.

Properties of patches for kinesiotaping

- are resistant to water, - allow air movement - are deprived of drugs - are completely safe for patients of all ages.

The patches provide:

- permanent impact on tissues - throughout the duration of the patch on the skin, - multi-day maintenance of the application on the body, - lack of allergic reaction to patches and discomfort caused by wearing - very high efficacy



  • analgesic
  • stimulating lymph circulation
  • improving nutrition of tissues
  • improves the tone of of soft tissues (muscles, fascia, etc.)
  • improves the functioning of the joints and periarticular elements
  • improving blood flow structures around the joint

Recommended for:

  • as supporting the natural processes of self treatment
  • as an independent therapeutic method,
  • musculoskeletal dysfunctions,
  • streamlining the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Treatment duration: do 15 min.

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