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Pearl and peloid bath

Pearl-peloid bath is one of the modern varieties of massage using air, which, thanks to the aeration systems massages the body embedded in water with the peloid lye added. It has not only relaxation and prophylactical effect on the human body, but also removes even the long-term and onerous spine and joints ailments, improves the mood, and cures migraine and insomnia. In conjunction with the perloid lye the treatment increases the relaxation properties causing the loosening of  the contracted joint capsules and ligaments and periarticular tissues (increases range of motion). It accelerates the reconstruction of damaged articular elements created in the disease process and as a result of a surgery.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Better functioning of the autonomic nervous system;
  • Loosening tired muscles, reducing their pain (relaxation)

Recommended for:

  • degenerative diseases of the spine and joints;
  • traumatogenic diseases of the locomotor system
  • Joint contractures;
  • Muscular rheumatism;
  • Neuralgia of the pelvic and shoulder girdle, and other chronic nerve pains

Treatment duration: 10 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

30,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

40,00 PLN