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Carbonic acid bath (CO2)

Carbonic acid bath is performed with the use of water that is saturated with CO2 in a saturation device. The bath is performed at the temperature of 31-340C. It initially causes the feeling of cold, and then after ca.40-60 seconds the feeling of warmth arrives. On the patient's skin, some bubbles of carbon dioxide appear, which burst after they reach a certain size. The process creates a delicate feeling of being tickled. While being treated, the patient should avoid making any movements.


  • calming and relaxing.   
  • dilatation of artery and vein capillary vessels.
  • decreased arterial blood pressure.

Recommended for:

  • hypertension
  • disorders of blood supply to brain
  • disorders of blood supply to heart
  • disorders of the arterial and peripheral circulation
  • weakness of the heart muscle
  • rheumatic diseases in non-acute conditions


  • low blood pressure
  • general weakness
  • blood circulation insufficiency
  • diseases of the urinary system and intestines
  • anaemia

Treatment duration: 10 min.

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