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The Japanese facelift - KOBIDO

The Japanese facelift (Kobido) is a rejuvenating massage of the face, neck and décolleté that produces a lifting effect without the use of a scalpel. This makes it an alternative to aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery procedures. 

Unlike classic massage techniques, it reaches into the deeper layers of the skin, affecting specific subcutaneous points - similar to acupuncture and acupressure. The Chinese medicine on which this massage is based is referred to as 'anma', which means pressing and rubbing.  

Massage,combines traditional Japanese medical concepts with various manipulation techniques. It is mainly characterised by the pace at which the therapist works with the hands and fingers - a combination of slow and fast movements. The slow movements induce a state of deep relaxation, while the intense movements stimulate the skin to achieve the desired lifting effect. 

The treatment consists of several stages:  

1. deep tissue massage - performed dry, it aims to relieve muscle tension in the deeper muscles of the face, neck and décolleté 

2. relaxation - carried out with cream, its aim is to improve circulation, relaxation, muscle relaxation and stress reduction 

3. lymphatic drainage - aimed at improving lymph circulation, reducing swelling and puffiness 

4. lifting - the most intensive part of this massage to improve blood circulation, increase tissue temperature and lift tissues 

5. acupressure - the final stage to deepen the relaxation effect through pressure on specific points on the face aimed at having a calming effect 



o elimination of muscle tensions that cause facial wrinkles 

o stimulation of collagen and elastin production 

o stimulation of cell metabolism and thus faster skin regeneration 

o purification of the skin from toxins and impurities 

o rejuvenation and intensive lifting effect 

o effect of natural skin radiance 

Recommended for:

o for people who want to visually rejuvenate the skin or counteract the effects of ageing 

o for people who are stressed and overworked  

o for people suffering from various types of headaches 

o for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer/screen 

o for people suffering from bruxism 


- elevated body temperature 

- herpes, infection 

- neoplasms 

- psoriasis, acute phase rosacea 

- first trimester of pregnancy 

- approx. 4 weeks after skin disruption surgery (mesotherapy) 

- approx. 1.5 years after a lifting procedure using threads 

- approx. 2 years after HIFU treatment 


In addition, the kinesiotaping applied after the massage (a method of plastering by applying a special tape to the surface of the skin) prolongs its effect. Included in the price of the treatment - for those interested ;) 

Treatment duration: do 80 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

250,00 PLN

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250,00 PLN