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Indicated gymnastics

People, who cannot exercise in groups for medical reasons, are activated through indicated exercise, which is often applied with the use specialist equipment.


  • increases body efficiency;
  • increases movement range in joints;
  • improves movement coordination;
  • improves general performance;
  • prevents joint and muscular pains;
  • improves muscle flexibility and strength;
  • increases efficiency of heart and circulatory system;
  • improves respiration;
  • increases performance of the organs in the abdominal cavity and in the pelvic area – the exercises enhance stomach, intestines and kidney performance.

Recommended for:

  • chronic rheumatic diseases;
  • degenerative diseases of spine and main joints;
  • diseases of the motor system;
  • neuralgia, paralysis, paresis;
  • joint contractures;
  • faulty postures;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • diseases of the heart and peripheral circulation;
  • gynaecological diseases;
  • muscular atrophy;
  • stress, fatigue, general tiredness

Treatment duration: 25 min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

20,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

25,00 PLN