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Fito mineral mask

Mud mask with fito-hormones for mature skin

Treatment in a spa capsule or in a blanket


  • cleansing and detoxication.
  • improvement of microcirculation.
  • lifting, stimulating, improvement of completion.
  • moistening.
  • anti-age effect.
  • helps to get rid of dead skin cells and stimulates renewal of your skin.
  • activation of cells renewal processes

Recommended for:

  • skin after 25 with symptoms of early aging
  • absence of elasticity and resilience
  • slimming therapy and modulation of silhouette
  • biologic renewal
  • sun-burn
  • age connected changes

Treatment duration: min.

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Price for guests SAN MEDICAL SPA

190,00 PLN

Price for people outside SAN MEDICAL SPA

190,00 PLN