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Study on the plattform zebris*

Zebris PDM Platform is made of a matrix containing even up to several thousand individually calibrated, capacitive force sensors enabling the analysis of forces under the feet during standing and walking. It enables computer diagnostics of feet and loading in static conditions (while standing) and dynamic (when bowling a foot or during the cycle of a walk). We perform an objective test with the use of sensomotoric sensor, aided by computer techniques.


The application in the processes:

a. The analysis of the walk and running after injuries, neurological problems (paralyses, pareses) and after operative procedures that influence the dysfunction of movement apparatus (e.g. mastectomy, spine or hallux operations), including the assessment of the risk of falls,

 b. Measurements of the scope of the movement of joints, the functionality of muscles,

 c. Monitoring of the correctness of using orthopedic equipment (prostheses, individual inserts, etc.)

 d. Objective analysis of the progress in rehabilitation.

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Treatment duration: 15 min.

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