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Badanie mięśni dna miednicy

Urogynaecological examination by a physiotherapist

The per vaginum/ per rectum examination is a palpation examination to determine the condition of the pelvic floor muscles.

Before proceeding to the examination, the therapist will interview the patient, assess posture and perform a general physiotherapy examination.

The pelvic floor muscle examination takes place on the couch and the patient is kept informed of what the physiotherapist is going to do and for what purpose. They can also stop the examination at any time.

The physiotherapist first assesses the appearance of the skin, checking for scars and signs of drooping of the organs.

He then uses a stick to check for sensory irregularities in the innervation.

The next stage is a per vaginum/per rectum examination with a finger. The therapist checks the muscle tone, assesses the state of the urethra and the condition of the vaginal walls. At this stage it is also possible to learn the correct activation (stretching) of the pelvic floor muscles.

Based on the EXAMINATION the physiotherapist can plan an individual, targeted therapy taking into account specific dysfunctions. After the examination the therapist plans the therapy depending on the diagnosed problem and sets the goal of the therapy together with the patient.

The patient meets regularly with the therapist and does independent work/training at home.

The examination makes it possible to monitor the course of therapy and to change therapeutic approaches if necessary. 

Recommended for:

Stress urinary incontinence

Overactive bladder


Vaginal gas



Organ descent




No consent from patient or partner


Psychological problems



Oncological episode

Immediately after childbirth




Sexual abuse

Treatment duration: do 60 min.

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120,00 PLN

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140,00 PLN