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Brand treatment plus ekstra*

BRANDED TREATMENT EXTRA - it is a consist in carrying out three different treatments for 30 minutes. It starts with the placing of a patch of warm mud on the part of the spine in order to warm it up, and preparing the area for further treatment, which will be a dry partial massage (the spine). At this time, when the heat of the peloid patch gradually releases its properties a foot massage is done (feet acupressure) using a special nutrient wax for massage. It is so called a combined therapy. The effect of the first procedure (peloid compress) enhances the effect of the other (dry partial massage). In addition, we have the effect of the wax acupressure made with massage wax.

 The first type of surgery - patches of mud rely on placing of layer of warm peloid mud (with the temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius) on spots on the patient - usually one or two joints or segment of spine.

These treatments soothe pains in muscles and joints. They reduce the edema formation induced by inflammation. They improve the elasticity of the joints soft tissues, and also have a warming effect.

They are used in rheumatic diseases, rehabilitation of locomotor therapy, menopause and to improve trophics of the skin.

The branded treatment Plus - a peloid mud patch is usually placed on the segment of the lumbar-sacral spine. They can also be put on the thoracic or cervical segment; in some cases, on the shoulders in the shoulder line (if the patient has problems with the top part of the spine where the pain spreads to the area surrounding the shoulders or radiates even in the direction of elbows or hands)

The other type of treatment used here is FOOT ACUPRESSURE WITH MASSAGE WAX (full of vitamins and minerals - nourishing for the skin). It is a far-east natural method of treatment of various diseases. It consists in unclogging energy channels by performing various forms of oppression on specific points located on the feet in order to establish a prophylactic or therapeutic effect

The wax used with this treatment contains 100% natural ingredients, including shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin A, E and F, through which it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes even the driest skin. . The natural fragrance composition derived from natural oils makes the wax gentle and relaxing.

The third element of the Branded Treatment Extra is a MASSAGE - dry, partial, performed on the spine. It consists in performing special grips and techniques in a strict sequence. The effect is the impact on the skin, muscular system, bones, joints, ligaments, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory system, and indirectly on digestive and urinogenital system. Such interaction ensures versatile influence of the classical massage on the body, which, with a small amount of contraindications predisposes the procedure for the treatment of many diseases.


  • balancing the flow of energy in the body 
  • normalizing the functions of organs and glands; 
  • reduction of tension; 
  • relaxation; 
  • increases self-defense strengths of the organism, stimulating it to respond - self-cure; 
  • local overheating of tissues; 
  • increasing the blood supply; 
  • Chemical action of therapeutic peloid components   

Recommended for:

  • bóle mięśniowe; 
  • przykurcze; 
  • przewlekłe choroby zapalne kręgosłupa; 
  • podostre i przewlekłe choroby niektórych narządów wewnętrznych – płuc, żołądka, wątroby; 
  • stany pourazowe;  
  • ogólna profilaktyka zdrowotna; 
  • regulowanie czynności narządów wewnętrznych; 
  • wzmocnienie układu odpornościowego; 
  • stres; 
  • pobudzenie sił samoleczących organizmu; 
  • harmonizowanie przepływu energii;
  • choroba zwyrodnieniowa kręgosłupa; 
  • zaniki mięśni; 
  • nerwobóle; 
  • choroby reumatyczne i zwyrodnieniowe; 
  • nerwice; 
  • otyłość; 
  • stany rekonwalescencji i wyczerpania; 
  • zmęczenie ogólne


  • general bad condition (physical and mental fatigue, fever, internal bleeding, diseases: skin, heart, infectious);
  • pregnancy; 
  • malignant tumors; 
  • abuse of sedatives, alcohol, drugs

Treatment duration: 30 min.

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