Spa Kołobrzeg

Due to the specific microclimate and natural medicinal products (therapeutic mud and brine) Kolobrzeg is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Poland. The city has the largest hotel base, highly qualified medical service and diagnostic and therapeutic equipment necessary to meet the needs of patients of all ages. Kolobrzeg is one of the most famous Spas specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, locomotor system, as well as metabolic and endocrine disorders. Good results are obtained also in the treatment of children.


Kołobrzeg's climate is very different from what we have in the hinterland. Climate formed under the decisive influence of the sea. More than 60% of the winds blowing from the sea or along the sea. Winds blowing from the sea carry clean, filtered air of allergens.


With full satisfaction for health tourists and residents, should be noted that in the city and its area is not an industry that poison the environment. A characteristic feature is the variability of the weather. Clash here atmospheric currents from the sea and land. 


You should know that a specific microclimate Beach property is called. marine aerosol. It is created by the release of iodine molecules sea water, chlorine, salt, bromine and others. The aerosol is created when there is a wave in the sea, during windy days. The range of the aerosol is 200-300 m from the seashore. Small molecules have the ability to penetrate to the remotest partsof human airways.