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Packet description

Program designed for those who are overweight or have weight problems and want to regain control

over their body. Participation in this program and strict adherence to its guidelines will make you a different person.

Stay begins on saturday with a dinner at 5.30 pm and ends on saturday with a breakfast at 9 am.

The detailed schedule of treatments will be available from the front desk upon your arrival.

Attention! Sanatorium SAN reserves the right to cancel the stay 30 days ahead of schedule due to the lack of a group of at least six people.

Packet program

- Full board based on the Structural Diet by Dr. Bardadine 1200 cal or 800 cal

- 1 x medical consultation (aimed at excluding contraindications to the program)

- 2 x weight measurement, waist circumference (at the beginning and end of stay)

- 1 x sugar level test

- 1 x measuring blood pressure

- 2 x professional analysis of body components using bioelectrical impedance - Biacorpus RX4000 device (at the beginning and end of stay)

- mineral water every day

- 6 x morning start (Nordic Walking + rejuvenating exercises) from Sunday to Friday

- 1 x body treatment Norel ALGA MINERAL MASK Spa detoxifying and firming the skin, cellulite reduction

- 1 x massage with a Chinese slimming bubble

- 1 x Norel BODY COFFEE body treatment. Slimming, anti-cellulite and anti age spa

- 1 x steam sauna plus Infra Red in a cosmetics capsule

- 1 x underwater massage

- 4 x water jets

- 1 x chromo (color) + aromatherapy

- 1 x vacu line

- 1 x gymnastics in the brine pool

- 1 x rejuvenation exercises in the gym

- sauna (unlimited) 6 persons/ per an entrance.   

- fitness room (gym) - no limit

- additional entrance to the swimming pool for free swimming, due to the comfort of guests is limited (brine pool: 16 tickets/ per an hour; free tickets available at the reception.  

- Dr Bardadyn's book to be chosen for each seven-day stay


Schedules of individual treatments can be found on your treatment card.

By purchasing a holiday package, participants of Dr Bardadyn's slimming holidays state, declares, that they are healthy and they don`t have any medical contraindications

to participate in the activities described in the programme.

A book by Dr Bardadyn is complimentary with every 7-day stay.

Important : There is no opportunieties to change a meals in a individual way. We don`t changed the meals for a lactose/ gluten intolerance preferences or diabetics.



7 days course price

12.01 – 30.03.2019
26.10 – 14.12.2019
Single Room 1999,00
Double Room for single use
Double Room

30.03 – 25.05.2019
28.09 – 26.10.2019
Single Room 1999,00
Double Room for single use
Double Room

25.05 – 29.06.2019
31.08 – 28.09.2019
Single Room 2299,00
Double Room for single use
Double Room

29.06 – 31.08.2019
Single Room 2499,00
Double Room for single use
Double Room

A Pricelist for all type of reservation im San Sanatorium available at: https://www.san.pl/regulamin.

Climate tax is not included in price.

Children up to 4 years old for free (without treatments and bed).

Additional bed - 60,00 pln/per Night- a Bed & Breakfast.

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