terapia manaualna sab


Manual therapy used in San Sanatorium is a special form of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. It is often wrongly equated with chiropractic treatment, which unlike the manual therapy does not have any grounds in sources of medical knowledge.


Manual therapy it is a part of physiotherapy and is based on scientific studies. The therapy is based on examination and treatment of peripheral joints and the spine. The first part of examination usually involves a thorough interview. Then movement quality, range, biomechanics and other factors (e.g. soreness) are assessed. During the therapy, special mobilization and manipulation techniques are used, as well as working with soft tissues to recover the dysfunctional biomechanics of joints (joint unlocking), what decreases the pain, improves mobility and remedies inflammation. One of techniques used in our manual therapy department is the FDM- watch the movie.


Manual therapy treats functional musculoskeletal pain and disability located in the joints and soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and skin.


This therapy uses targeted manual techniques for the purpose of modulating pain and increasing range of motion. Basic techniques in manual therapy are soft tissue therapy, traction, mobilization and manipulation.