Kolobrzeg is the largest and most beautiful Polish spa town. Its unparalleled charm and rich history is enhanced by a beautiful location on the Baltic coast and at the mouth of the Parseta River. Miles of paths along the coast and the surrounding forests, large peat deposits and unique marsh ecosystem with rare species of animals and plants are in the close proximity to town.


Kolobrzeg has many interesting monuments and heritage listed places to visit. The most notable landmarks are the neo-Gothic Cathedral, the Town Hall, and the Lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour. Kolobrzeg is a popular tourist and a medical spa destination offering modern treatment facilities, world class hotels and guest houses.  It attracts not only Polish but also German and Scandinavian tourists and medical spa patients visiting this town for relaxation, beauty treatments and medical rehabilitation.


Currently, Kolobrzeg is experiencing a period of dynamic growth. EU funding facilitated series of investments to improve the standards of living for residents and visitors. Over the past few years a new football stadium where Danish National Football team trained during Euro 2012, was completed and revitalization of the Spa District has begun. At the cost of nearly 100 million PLN the beaches in Kolobrzeg have been extended .Those multimillion investments have placed Kolobrzeg at the forefront of many rankings including Forbes. Kolobrzeg has received many awards and the latest by "Poland Now" confirmed this town high position among Polish tourist resorts and spas.

Kolobrzeg offers a wide range of cultural events and rich summer entertainment. Many events are held in the Regional Cultural Centre and a beautifully situated open-air amphitheater.



There is always something for everyone in Kolobrzeg!

It is s a great place to live and visit.




Due to the specific microclimate and natural medicinal products (therapeutic mud and brine) Kolobrzeg is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Poland. The city has the largest hotel base, highly qualified medical service and diagnostic and therapeutic equipment necessary to meet the needs of patients of all ages. Kolobrzeg is one of the most famous Spas specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, locomotor system, as well as metabolic and endocrine disorders. Good results are obtained also in the treatment of children.


Kołobrzeg's climate is very different from what we have in the hinterland. Climate formed under the decisive influence of the sea. More than 60% of the winds blowing from the sea or along the sea. Winds blowing from the sea carry clean, filtered air of allergens.


With full satisfaction for health tourists and residents, should be noted that in the city and its area is not an industry that poison the environment. A characteristic feature is the variability of the weather. Clash here atmospheric currents from the sea and land. 


You should know that a specific microclimate Beach property is called. marine aerosol. It is created by the release of iodine molecules sea water, chlorine, salt, bromine and others. The aerosol is created when there is a wave in the sea, during windy days. The range of the aerosol is 200-300 m from the seashore. Small molecules have the ability to penetrate to the remotest partsof human airways.











Attraction`s list, You should visit in Kołobrzeg



  • Basilica of Assumption the Blessed Mary Virgin, Katedralna Street;
  • Neo-gothic Municipal Council  from XIX century, A. Krajowej Street
  • Saint John`s the baptist` s Churche in Budzistowo (built in 1222 y.)
  • Fuse Tower, Dubois Street– headquarters PTTK
  • Schlieffen`s Tenement House – present Museum of History of Kolobrzeg
  • Historic Tower built in 1885 y.,
  • Neogothic Building of Post built in 1884 y.
  • Light House 26 m of height with a seeview and a museum of minerals in underground.


  • Fort Outlet (present Light House)- looking down a beautiful Kołobrzeg view.
  • Swampy Redoubt (presently Yacht Harbor) – You can buy some fresh fishes  from the sea
  • Saline Redoubt ( Bałtycka Street) with a brine conceptualizationf. e. to the pickled cucumber
  • Wolfish Fort (presently Amphitheatre) – a center of musical and a comedy attractions many concerts
  • Bulwark of Stones (presently a coffeehouse  - a terrace by A. Sułkowskiego Street) – musical events  food & beverage by the sea


  • A Monument of Wedding Ceremony with a Sea, Seaside Boulevard the name of. J. Szymański
  • Paramedic Monument, gen. W. Sikorski Street
  • Marcin Dunin Monument (by Basilica)
  • Monument of a Thousand Years Diocese in Kołobrzeg  (by Basilica)
  • Marszałek Józef Piłsudski Monument, Sybiraków Street
  • Gratitude  to Polish Liberators,  18 Marca Square
  • Monument of Glory, Military Graveyard
  • German Art. Muzeum , Arciszewskiego Street




Wooden Pier

  • In a summertime (From Mai to 15th of September) an entrance payable: \

normal ticket: 2 zł, reduced price:1 zł.  Open daily  09.00 – 22.00


  • Muzeum Oręża Polskiego, Phone No. 94 35 252 53
  • "Kołobrzeg History", metrological collections, A. Krajowej 13 Street

                                   01.05.-31.08. daily 10.00 - 18.00

                                   01.09.-30.04. tue-sun 10.00 - 16.00

  • "History of Polish Arms",p. por. E. Gierczak 5 Street

                                       01.05.-31.08. daily 10.00 - 18.00

                                       01.09.-30.04. tue-sun 10.00 - 16.00

  • Museum of Warship ORP Fala SGF - 321 (in a Harbor Yacht)
  • Museum of Minerals  Phone No. 607 872 022, Morska 1 Street (in the underground of Light House), a collection ofsemi-precious minerals and stones.

RCK-Regional Centre of Culture

Solna 1 Street, phone No. 94 35 249 49

RCK is a local government institution of culture, working on a Kołobrzeg areas. Regional Centre of Culture in Kołobrzeg is organizing cultural activity in a range of creating, promulgate and protect  national culture objects , also developing and preserve a cultural involvement residents of Kołobrzeg.

Regional Centre of Culture is organizing

  • courses, seminary and trainings, festivals,  competitions, reviews
  • exhibitions, freelances and artistic party`s
  • publishing and editors activity, cultural and art education
  • Modern Art Gallery (Manicipal Council) Phone No. 94 35 243 48  Thuesday- Sunnday 10.00 - 18.00 


  • "SEASIDE",  p. por. E. Łopuskiego 24 Street, Phone No. 94 35 236 32


daily from7:00 - 22:00

  • See Odyssey, Rodziewiczówny 1 Street, Phone No. 94 35 534 34,
  • Aquapark Milenium SPA, p. por. E. Łopuskiego 38 Street , Phone No. 94 35 513 31


  • Amphiteatre, A. Fredry Street. Phone No. 94 35 452 87 – in a summer seasson
  • Yacht Harbour, Warzelnicza 1 Street, Phone No. 94 35 443 01 in a summer seasson


  • Underground - Hotel New Skanpol, Dworcowa 10 Street, Phone No. 94 35 282 11
  • Antidotum, p. por. E.  Łopuskiego 23 Street
  • Atlantis – Hotel Aquarius SPA, Kasprowicza 24 Street, Phone No. 94 35 365 00
  • Bulwark of Stones, Sułkowskiego Street (in a summer seasson) Phone No. 802 01 71


  • „Ark - Charter”, Warzelnicza 1 Street, Phone No. 94 35 443 01, fishing cruise`s, scuba diver cruise`s, tourist under the sails, integrational and motivating prarty`s for the company`s.  Cruise are organizing on the entities of Ark and Baltic Star.
  • Kolberg Sailing Passengers, Morska 2 Street, Phone No. 94 35 289 20, daily 09.00-21.00
  • Cruise`s on Bornholm with M/S JANTAR – a luxury passenger catamaran
  • Cruise`s trips trough into the sea, boats: Monika III - yearly , Viking, Santa Maria –in a summer seasson
  • A half an hour cruise: price ticket: 25 zł, reduced price: 20 zł, organized group: 15 zł


KAJAKARSTWO(in a summer seasson)

  • Wypożyczalnia kajaków "U Mirka", tel. 608 331 363, skrzyżowanie Narutowicza i Rzecznej

    pół godziny 6 zł, godzina 10 zł, codziennie 10.00- 20.00


CANOEING  (in a summer seasson)

  • Canoe Hire,Phone No. 608 331 463

 Szpitalna Street www.kajaki.kolobrzeg.pl antonigab@wp.pl



  • Sikorskiego 7 Street, Phone No. 692 893 268


  • Aeroklub Bałtycki, Bagicz 10 , tel. 604 078 879, codziennie , lot 7 - 8 minutowy motolotnią z instruktorem 50 zł (cegiełka dla klubu)


  • WILD WEST TOWN – A centre of entertainment  and horse riding , mini zoo Wild West Town is an ideal place for adventure people in a western style, the place, where You can meet a real cowboy, meet a saloon with cowboys food, see a western show, grab a bank, cascade show and have fun with other attractions, which are waiting on place in Kołobrzeg - Zieleniewo, Wycieczkowa Street, Phone No./fax: 94 352 61 27 – office 94 35 437 54
  • STUD FARM HORSES IN BUDZISTOWO learning a horseriding, trips program for organized 
  • PLAYGROUND FOR CHILDREN,Łopuskiego 36-38 Street, hall Milenium, Phone No. 94 3554747, ticket price: 12-14 zł
  • BULWARK – CENTRE OF ARMY ATTRACTIONS; army shop, ride an army tank on a 40 ha firing range. Bulwark is on Koszalińska Street, Phone No. 506 285 760
  • ROPES COURSE height obstacle course located on the trees, by a Local Culture Centre, Phone No. 502 493 892, 509 143 808, e-mail:zagatka4@wp.pl



  • Touristic Agency "Pulverize Tower",Gierczak 26 A Street, Phone No. 94 35 438 03, Kołobrzeg and areas, Koszalin, Szczecin, Świnoujście, Szwajcaria Połczyńska
  • SMALL-GAUGE RETRO-TRAIN crossing over the city – an attraction for children; Phone No.506 313 246
  • SUMER CAR crossing with ecological cars, price: 30 zł-45 minutes; Phone No. 519 052 987



  • Educating-entertainment Program for an organized groups Reduta Solna , Bałtycka Street, Phone No. 94 35 442 40, 692 479 218 (in a summer seasson)



  • Routes: pedestrian`s, bicycle`s, canoe`s


  • Styling garden`s and an implant scholls- Dobrzyca 76, Phone No. 94 3181318, IV- X workdays: 09.00 - 19.00, Sunday 10.00 - 18.00, XI-III workdays - worktime variable, Sunday and holidays- closed. An Entrance- payable..



Attention: Open Times obcject`s, phone numbers and a prices may be different.