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Dr Bardadyn Diet

Structural Diet is based on a very simple principle: all recommended foods contain minimum calories and maximum vitamins and antioxidants. The list of suggested structural diet products indicates which foods should be consumed regularly in order to stimulate the body to regenerate, rejuvenate and permanently lose weight.


Dr Bardadyn Slimming Stay it`s the most effective weight-loss diets;

rejuvenating and cleansing 800 or 1200 kcal traditional and vegetarian diets enabling you to reach the desired weight quickly, healthily, without weakness, depression and yo-yo effect; combination of a perfectly balanced diet with Rejuvenating Exercises based on "Codes of youth" and other attractive forms of physical activity provides excellent results; wellness and beauty treatments in the Spa, combined with deep relaxation, remove symptoms of chronic fatigue and stress; interesting lectures and practical classes in preparation of structural diet cocktails and dishes conducted by experienced chefs; weight loss in a group that supports and motivates! – an opportunity to learn and exchange experiences with other supporters of structural diet, who for years apply the recommendations Dr Bardadyn with excellent results; a considerable improvement of the state of the body due to medicinal effect of the diets – improved morphology, reduction of bad cholesterol, an increase in HDL cholesterol, normalized blood glucose levels, reduction of inflammations and tissue degeneration; stimulation of body regeneration and rejuvenation processes – already after the first week of treatment; full compliance of treatment programmes with medical recommendations and nutritional education (diets approved for use in health service facilities) and constant care of specialists from Dr Brand Bardadyn's team – doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers; practical learning of a simple natural life style providing inner harmony, energy and well-being, which reverses the biological clock by over 10 years. You will also learn how to organize your time and plan your meals to maintain a youthful figure and avoid the risk of modern-day diseases.



Structural Diet is good for weight loss and at the same time it is recommended in the prevention and treatment of modern-day diseases. Treatments using natural cocktails with high content of antioxidants provide a thorough cleansing of the body, a burst of energy and positive health effects in people with atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, degenerative joint disease, osteoporosis, dermatological problems, allergies, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Structural Diet is a wholesome diet and its principles are consistent with the current state of medical and nutrition knowledge.


The effectiveness of slimming and health treatments based on meal plans developed by the creator of the structural diet, Dr Marek Bardadyn, has prompted the introduction of structural nutrition in the programs of renowned Spa resorts in Poland and abroad. Special Weight Loss Slim Med programmes are used in medical clinics. Doctors prescribe them to patients who require effective, sustainable and safe weight loss.


By purchasing a holiday package, participants of Dr Bardadyn's slimming holiday state that they are healthy and there are no medical contraindications to participate in the activities described in the programme.



All current information on the structural diet can be found on the website www.dietastrukturalna.pl