About Kołobrzeg

Kolobrzeg is the largest and most beautiful Polish spa town. Its unparalleled charm and rich history is enhanced by a beautiful location on the Baltic coast and at the mouth of the Parseta River. Miles of paths along the coast and the surrounding forests, large peat deposits and unique marsh ecosystem with rare species of animals and plants are in the close proximity to town.


Kolobrzeg has many interesting monuments and heritage listed places to visit. The most notable landmarks are the neo-Gothic Cathedral, the Town Hall, and the Lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour. Kolobrzeg is a popular tourist and a medical spa destination offering modern treatment facilities, world class hotels and guest houses.  It attracts not only Polish but also German and Scandinavian tourists and medical spa patients visiting this town for relaxation, beauty treatments and medical rehabilitation.


Currently, Kolobrzeg is experiencing a period of dynamic growth. EU funding facilitated series of investments to improve the standards of living for residents and visitors. Over the past few years a new football stadium where Danish National Football team trained during Euro 2012, was completed and revitalization of the Spa District has begun. At the cost of nearly 100 million PLN the beaches in Kolobrzeg have been extended .Those multimillion investments have placed Kolobrzeg at the forefront of many rankings including Forbes. Kolobrzeg has received many awards and the latest by "Poland Now" confirmed this town high position among Polish tourist resorts and spas.
Kolobrzeg offers a wide range of cultural events and rich summer entertainment. Many events are held in the Regional Cultural Centre and a beautifully situated open-air amphitheater.



There is always something for everyone in Kolobrzeg!
It is s a great place to live and visit.