What we treat

SAN Health SPA due to its location in Kolobrzeg Spa district, knowledgeable and experienced staff and well equipped treatment facilities, specialises in the treatments of:


1. circulatory system diseases

2. respiratory diseases

3. musculoskeletal disorders (orthopaedic post injuries, rheumatic, degenerative)

4. diabetes and obesity


In general, treatment of these diseases by traditional methods is often very difficult. It is associated with the large intake of medication which can produce adverse effects on other internal organs. In Spa treatments the use of pills is reduced and replaced with alternative physical treatments.


Physical treatments are proven and effective for various ailments, and excellent for preventing many diseases. We offer traditional and new alternative treatments. In order to meet the diverse needs and expectations of our guests we have created modern treatment facilities employing highly skilled and professional therapists.

Our range of treatments is constantly updated.


The most important therapeutic aspects of physical treatments include:


1. pain management

2. combating inflammatory conditions

3. increasing immunity

4. regulation of heart rate; cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic systems

5. increasing general physical capacity

6. improving motor skills by increasing the mobility of joints and muscle strength


Lack of or limited physical activity is very common these days. Physical activity is essential for both physical and mental health. For that reason it is important to reduce the consequences of life spent in a car, before a computer or in the office. Treatments can counteract the effects of reduced physical activity. Therefore, while staying in our Sanatorium undergo a series of treatments that will restore and improve your well-being.


Please remember that Spa treatments can only be effective if taken in a series. A single treatment will not be beneficial hence it is imperative to have regular treatments during your stay. In the initial phase of treatment, you may feel discomfort and pain. This is a normal physiological reaction to new stimulus and it should disappear after a few days.

It is necessary to seek medical advice before starting any new treatment. Your doctor after having examined your state of health will be able to determine the best form of treatment for you.

There is a large variety of treatments with similar therapeutic effects but impacting different systems and organs.